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Vodafone offer SMEs free broadband for one year

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27 October 2022

Vodafone, has launched a free broadband offer for small businesses. The broadband provider has also launched a new tariff aimed at individuals on benefits.

The offers are the result of a new study conducted by Vodafone which stated 35 per cent of broadband customers have considered cancelling their contract in order to save money.

In response, Vodafone has offered free business broadband to help SMEs mitigate rising business costs and help them stay connected to the internet and online customer base. Available for one year from 19 October to 24 November, customers will sign up to the business-grade broadband free for 12 months on a 24-month plan.

The two year contract is available to all small businesses, as well as existing Vodafone Business customers who are eligible to upgrade.

In a statement Nick Gliddon, UK Director of Business at Vodafone, said: “With growing uncertainty in the economy coupled with spiralling business costs, Vodafone will continue to support small businesses who are the key drivers of employment, income, innovation and economic growth.

“This new offer of 12 months’ free broadband means one less bill to contend with for small businesses, who we hope can reinvest the money saved where it’s needed most.”

The research funded by Vodafone also suggested 28 per cent of SME owners stated they won’t be hiring any new staff in the next year due to the current cost of living crisis.

The telecommunications giant also revealed details of a new tariff specifically aimed at benefit recipients. With its £12 per month rate, Vodafone Essentials Broadband is available to Universal Credit recipients, as well as those entitled to Disability Allowance, PIP ESA and Jobseekers Allowance.

Those who sign up face no connection fee, set contract length or disconnection fee.

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