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Oxford’s Helixx introduces rapidly deployable mini EVs

30 March 2023
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Oxford-based technology company Helixx is launching a range of four mini commercial electric vehicles able to be deployed into emerging markets within 180 days.

The UK-engineered vehicles are designed to be built anywhere in the world in licensed Helixx Mobility Hubs and then offered to commercial users on a subscription bases from $0.25 per hour.

These hubs will help to minimise carbon emissions while boosting local enterprise which can make, sell and support the vehicles across their lifecycle.

Steve Pegg, Helixx CEO and co-founder: “Helixx was born to meet the challenge of transforming the quality and standard of mobility for citizens in heavily congested cities. The vehicles offered by Helixx are the key to replacing the heavily polluting combustion-powered vehicles relied upon in developing nations today.”

The Helixx range is designed by Jowyn Wong and Jakub Jodlowski, whose portfolio includes hypercars for manufacturers such as Apollo and DeTomaso. The range initially comprises four body styles, designed for optimum production simplicity through the assembly process.

For example, the CARGO is a commercial goods vehicle designed to support the demand for last-mile delivery fleets, with 2100 litres of cargo space and the capability to carry the majority of ISO pallets in target markets. The TRUCK is a pick-up that’s ideal for construction businesses and urban developers.

The TUK and RIDE, with open and closed-door bodies respectively, are designed as a solution for urban ride-hailing to replace older, heavily polluting, combustion-powered fleets.

All four vehicles offer a zero-emission driving range for a virtually uninterrupted 24-hour duty cycle with rapidly swappable, Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery packs.

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Steve adds: “For the past four years, we have researched the market to ensure the creation of sustainable zero-emission vehicles that meet the demands and needs of the world’s developing economies.

“But arguably more importantly, we tasked ourselves to find a solution to how such vehicles could be deployed wherever they are needed in the world with maximum speed and energy efficiency and minimum cost and complexity.”

The answer is the Helixx Mobility Hub. Supported by an Industry 5.0-inspired Helixx digital ecosystem, a Helixx Hub can be commissioned and operated almost anywhere in the world through a licensed partnership.

Helixx will fully manage the entire onboarding process for hub partners, from the establishment of the factory and equipment installation to training staff and ongoing commercial support with local fleet operators.

Helixx will also orchestrate all raw materials and components and production processes through a next-generation Industry 5.0 digital platform that prioritises local sourcing and supply chain flexibility for resilience and full traceability of environmental impact, including scope 3 emissions.

Following successful testing of the UK concept hub in partnership with Siemens, Helixx will establish further pilot hubs in the UK and Singapore. The company is in discussion with customers in the Asia Pacific region, with India, MENA, and South America to follow.

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