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The Business Magazine November 2023
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Webmart receives sustainability award from Lloyds Bank

20 November 2023
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Oxfordshire-based Webmart, the sustainable marketing agency and B Corp, has been awarded ‘highly commended’ in the Sustainable Business of the Year Award as part of the Lloyds Bank British Business Excellence Awards.

The Sustainable Business of the Year Award recognises businesses that put sustainability, social and environmental impact at the core of their values.

Webmart, which employs 40 people in Oxfordshire and Yorkshire was founded in 1996 to benefit both people and the planet, making a positive social impact and donating more than £720,000 to charity.

The sustainable marketing agency even has its own 164-acre woodland in Scotland which it is rewilding, to bring its business and closer to nature.

Tom Maskill, Sales and Sustainability at Webmart, said: “We are a 40-person agency so reaching the finals and then being highly commended is an amazing acknowledgment for the hard work that goes on behind the scenes, and the steps we have taken so far.

''We were up against so many larger businesses so it is great to prove that you can be small and make an impact. This recognition is a great reward for our team, suppliers and clients.”

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The Sustainable Business of the Year Award winner on the night was the Clean Planet Group. E Co. Finalists and runners-up included the likes of Octopus Electric Vehicles and Mackie’s of Scotland.

Sarah Austin, Awards Director and Founder, The Lloyds Bank British Business Excellence Awards, added: “In the contemporary business landscape, sustainability isn't just a buzzword – it's a strategic imperative. It's the linchpin influencing customer behaviours, employee support and shaping investment decisions.

“Savvy business leaders are seamlessly integrating sustainability and ESG considerations across their value chains and business models, crafting a blueprint for enduring success and resilience.

''Webmart exemplifies this approach, showcasing a level of commitment to sustainability that significantly outpaces industry standards. Their foresight and dedication positions them as trailblazers in the pursuit of sustainable business excellence.”

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During his studies Tom became very interested in the works of Irish authors including Samuel Beckett and Flann O'Brien (Brian O'Nolan).

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