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Dynamic Planner partners with Bordier UK on new pension product

Dynamic Planner parners with Bordier UK
Dynamic Planner parners with Bordier UK
26 April 2022
Dynamic Planner parners with Bordier UK

Reading-based Dynamic Planner has partnered with Bordier UK to help people protect pension incomes in today's volatile markets.

Bordier UK has launched a new decumulation service mapped to Dynamic Planner risk profiles to help people who are drawing money from their pensions but also have some money retained in stocks.

Bordier said following the introduction of the Pension Freedom Act 2015, investors are electing to draw an income from their investment portfolio as opposed to buying an annuity.

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Mark Duggan, director of sales and marketing at Bordier UK, said: "Over the past decade, stock markets have helped drive capital returns; however, with growth easing, returns moderating, and the cost of living spiralling, we could see investors living increasingly off their capital, and therefore, putting significant emphasis on the management of sequencing risk.

“The inherent risks associated with a client drawing a fixed regular income have been masked for many years by the generous bull markets we have experienced. However, now is the time for clients and their advisers to renew their focus on the risks associated with drawdown, and we are very supportive of the messaging around Dynamic Planner’s risk managed decumulation service.”

The launch offers three actively managed investment strategies with different levels of risk and expected return, each being targeted to a particular Dynamic Planner decumulation risk profile.

The firm said Dynamic Planner ensures that risk is being managed and mitigated appropriately and that each strategy is continually risk targeted via a detailed four-stage process.

This process involves the setting of a monthly value at risk limit for each risk profile, alongside an in-depth analysis of each investment strategies’ objectives, tactical and strategic asset allocation parameters, and monthly oversight of the underlying holdings.

Chris Jones, proposition director at Dynamic Planner, said: “With so many more people needing to use their pensions and investments to meet their spending needs, it is essential that advisers are provided with solutions that meet the needs of that group of clients at every stage to ensure a good client outcome.

“We are therefore delighted that Bordier UK, with its long global history, has identified this target market, recognised the risks, and used its capabilities and experience to build new solutions that manage out those risks on behalf of advisers and their clients. In an uncertain and increasingly expensive world I hope these solutions bring some certainty and comfort to decumulating investors.”

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