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Five features of the Innovative Tech of the Year

Five features of the Innovative Tech of the Year
14 March 2024

Innovation is at the heart of the Thames Valley tech sector. With so many incredible companies working tirelessly within the region to produce the most exciting new products and technologies, we can’t wait to crown the Innovative Tech of the Year at the Thames Valley Tech & Innovation Awards 2024. 

Sponsored by Blake Morgan, this award will be presented to the most impressive innovative technology to have been developed within the qualifying period. 

Dubbed the UK’s Silicon Valley, the Thames Valley is home to some of the country’s brightest technological minds. So, what will the Innovative Tech of the Year look like and how will our judges know when they see it? 

We’ve put together a list of five key features we’ll be looking for in our worthy winner: 


Creativity is synonymous with innovation – we're looking for an original technology that is truly inspiring. Having an entirely new concept with the potential to change the technological landscape will propel you to the forefront of our independent judges’ minds. 

Induced Business Growth 

While the product is the main thing that will win you the title of Innovative Tech of the Year, we are looking for champions who are business-minded as well as technologically gifted. Clear business growth and development is a great thing to see in a nominee. 

Societal Influence 

As with any of our awards, the societal impact of a nominee will be one of the main things that our judges will consider. Introducing new innovative technologies that are beneficial to the surrounding community and beyond are vital to the health of the UK’s tech sector. 

Measurable Impact 

A good nomination form is one that shows blatant evidence of your company’s brilliance. There’s space on them to attach any images or files you may wish to use to prove your excellence. Being able to show how your tech has had a measurable impact will be instrumental to bringing home the trophy. 


Sustainability is the name of the game in the modern climate of business, with every business leader worth their salt being aware of their social and environmental impacts. Even if your innovative technology isn’t primarily concerned with the vitality of the planet, implementing sustainable practices into your tech is crucially important to stand out from the crowd. 

So, do you think that you’ve got the Innovative Tech of the Year? 

Nominations for the Thames Valley Tech & Innovation Awards 2024 are still open, and now is the time to enter for your chance to be crowned a winner at this year’s black-tie gala event. 

Entering the awards online is quick, easy and absolutely free – there's nothing to lose and everything to gain when you enter for the chance to be crowned among the best-of-the-best in the Thames Valley’s booming tech sector. 

Thank you again to Blake Morgan for sponsoring this award. 

For more information, click here. 

For any enquiries, contact the events team.


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