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Technology Is Everywhere: Make It Work for Your Business - Introducing the BPE tech team

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Technology touches every aspect of business nowadays, and it continues to influence on our lives.

The tech sector is growing at an extraordinary rate both globally and regionally, and there’s an infectious enthusiasm from within BPE and amongst the clients we work with at the moment thanks to the growing possibilities that technology is presenting.

BPE’s technology team is made up of transactional, commercial and data lawyers wholly focused on the tech sector, from software, data and digital markets to science and industry, and always on commercial delivery.

We have a great track record of working with entrepreneurial start-ups, pulling together our specialists across our Corporate, Commercial, IP and Employment teams to support scale ups  as they continue to grow.

We are passionate about helping businesses to embrace technology, so much so, we have developed innovative products that solve problems people may not know exist. Digital Assurance as a Service is a collaborative product which delivers digital resilience across entire supply chains – identifying the vulnerabilities from top to bottom – so businesses can take steps to put further protection measures in place.

From blockchain and metaverse to augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies, the team works with cutting-edge technologies and works with businesses of every size and life stage to help bring these products to market.

Combining our passion of evolving technologies with the significant expertise of our team members, BPE can work with clients to help them achieve their goals.

Mark Mannion - Managing Director,  Extra technology Limited said: “BPE has navigated us through many minefields and represented us in some challenging contract negotiations. Not only are they skilled at cutting to the chase and giving no-nonsense, practical advice on contractual issues but they also ‘have our back’.  I consider the team at BPE to be trusted advisors.  The icing on the cake, is that the team also introduce business opportunities to us, with one referral, now one of our top clients!”

Data Trusts

We lead the way in the future of data sharing. We’ve always been innovators. Now we’re the first law firm in the UK to establish and help operate data trusts, also known as ‘data institutions’.

A data trust is a legal framework with independent stewardship which facilitates data ‘pooling’ for the purposes of running analytics and obtaining insights in response to agreed problem statements. This framework allows multiple organisations to submit data to the trust safely and ethically, in response to multiple, rolling projects. In return, the members receive data analytics and reports (without receiving the underlying data itself) for public or industry benefit. Only through common rules for data security, competition, privacy, and confidentiality are members of the trust able to collaborate in this way.

Introducing the BPE Tech team:

Christine Jackson: Partner

20220914_bpe_0178“What excites me most about tech is finding innovative ways to improve our everyday lives and working practices. In the field of virtual reality for example, we are already seeing how it can transform sectors such as gaming and entertainment in addition to more immersive and interactive video calls with the use of avatars. In the next 5-10 years, home and office life will be irreversibly transformed through VR and emerging augmented reality tech”. 

[email protected]  | 01242 248449


Rob Bryan: Partner

Rob-Bryan-BPE_Head-shots1236Growth in the Compound Semiconductor industry will be hindered by a lack of mature supply chains for end market applications such as EVs, Next Generation Communications and Green Energy. Industry needs support in talent development and skills, supply chain convening, specialist support services, and access to scale up funding. BPE’s expertise in the sector is such that it is uniquely positioned to provide relevant specialist legal services and its network can help to provide access to scale up funding”.

  [email protected]  | 01242 248228


Sarah Kenshall: Partner 

20220914_bpe_0164“Effective sharing and usage of data. In an increasingly digital world, we have access to an enormous amount of data, that used effectively can provide key insights across all industries and sectors. Data Trusts will be a key part of this, and it is something I am delighted to be helping drive forward”. 

[email protected]01242 248475



Macaulay James: Paralegal 

20220914_bpe_0100“I am excited by the impact that both scientific and technological developments can have on medicine and healthcare. Nanotechnology for example could revolutionise diagnostics and treatment, making it less invasive for the patient. Genomic medicine will also be transformative allowing us to predict, manage or mitigate health risks and to develop bespoke treatments”.  

[email protected]01242 248274



Thomas Lattimore:  Trainee Solicitor 

20220914_bpe_0114“The most exciting area of tech right now is blockchain technology. This technology is not confined to the volatile world of cryptocurrency and is central to the new age of digital trust. It is critical in the execution of smart contracts and can be used in amazing ways such as in agriculture to enable the traceability of information in the food supply chain to improve food safety. I predict that in the future we will rely on blockchain every day in some critical way”. 

[email protected]01242 248476 


For more information about BPE’s Technology team or how data trusts can be used email [email protected]

Twitter @BPE_Solicitors 

LinkedIn: BPE Solicitors LLP


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