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QMUL looks to Oxford Instruments NanoScience in quantum research

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Image: Oxford Instruments
19 June 2024
Image: Oxford Instruments

The School of Physical and Chemical Sciences at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) has installed a dilution refrigerator from Oxford Instruments NanoScience to support its ongoing quantum research.

With the ProteoxMX, the team can perform more experiments at millikelvin temperatures, enabling the research necessary for the development of quantum computing architectures.

Led by Dr Jan Mol, director of research and professor of physics at QMUL, the Mol Lab is working on engineering quantum systems with atomic precision by creating molecules with the desired quantum properties through chemical design.

Their goal is to investigate single-electron transport and potentially manipulate the spin states of individual molecules.

This research dives into the essential building blocks for quantum computing and could lead to the development of high-performing, low-power quantum computers.

Oxford Instruments NanoScience’s ProteoxMX is designed to maximise experimental capacity and adaptability, providing a platform for quantum technology research, spin and superconducting quantum computing, and for multi-user, multi-experiment labs.

Dr Mol said:“The work we’re doing at Queen Mary allows us to investigate the essential building blocks for quantum computing.

“Beyond enhancing our research output, the availability of advanced equipment like the ProteoxMX has helped the university attract and retain top talent.

“As quantum research becomes more popular and with strong competition in the industry, offering cutting-edge facilities is essential to make universities more attractive to the talent needed to advance research.”

QMUL has also recently hired three new lecturers – Dr James Thomas, Dr Nicola McConkey, and Dr Junjie Liu – who’ll be using the ProteoxMX with their students.


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