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Oxford Biomedica collaborates on novel biocomputer system

4 April 2022
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Oxford Biomedica, the leading gene and cell therapy group, has entered into an agreement with biocomputer company BiologIC Technologies to collaborate on a novel biocomputer system for viral vector development.

BiologIC is the inventor of the biocomputer, a programmable system for producing biology and data on demand. BiologIC uses proprietary technology and IP in the design, fabrication and application of novel Bio Processing Units (“BPUs”) that operate on the biocomputer platform.

The BPUs, inspired by the integrated circuit that drove the information processing revolution, have the potential to significantly increase the biological processing power available to application developers.

Oxford Biomedica will collaborate with BiologIC on new applications that advance the development of novel viral vectors and their manufacturing processes. Oxford Biomedica will use the platform to innovate new processes, integrate traditionally discrete workflows and gain valuable insights from real-time data.

Richard Vellacott, Chief Executive Officer of BiologIC Technologies said: “We are inventors of the biocomputer. Our ambition is that the biocomputer will drive a revolution in biology to help humanity address global problems, such as the existential threat of diseases, in sustainable and accessible ways.

“Oxford Biomedica has an outstanding track record for technology innovation, and so we are particularly delighted to collaborate with this leading gene and cell therapy group to support the development of powerful new processes and data insights using the biocomputer platform.”

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