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Kerr Office Group reveals new sustainable workspace for Pacific Produce

20 November 2023
The Business Magazine article image for: Kerr Office Group reveals new sustainable workspace for Pacific Produce
Kerr Office Group reveals new sustainable workspace for Pacific Produce

Swindon-based workspace design firm Kerr Office Group have unveiled the new HQ for Oxfordshire-based produce supplier, Pacific Produce.

Investment in the space comes after a period of significant growth for the company and in recognition of the changing use of workspaces to embody well-being, collaboration, and sustainability.

Situated in Network House, Thame, the two-storey, 4,425 sq ft space features a welcome area, meeting and client experience suite for up to 14 people, a social hub, wellness studio, open plan office for up to 22 people, collaboration areas and quiet focus areas.

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Not only will the new workspace transform the working lives of Pacific Produce employees, by collaborating with Kerr, the new space has contributed to the planting of 440 trees to increase forest cover in India and 3,200 days of access to water for a community in Tanzania.

This is part of Kerr’s commitment as a Buy 1 Give 1 (B1G1) Business For Good, which means it supports charitable causes locally, nationally and internationally by donating a percentage of its profit towards initiatives that align with its company values.

Many of the finishes and materials employed in the space at Network House boast sustainable credentials such as Corkform floor finishes, a material which is made from recycled cork from the bottle stopper industry, and selecting sustainable fabrics and finishes made from recycled materials, are planet-certified or less resource intensive.

Sarah Payne, head of design at Kerr Office Group said: “We were delighted to partner with Pacific Produce to design their new head office. The company required a workspace that facilitated their culture of camaraderie, collaboration, and mutual care for both one another and their well-being.

“By working closely with Pacific Produce and collaborating with them every step of the way we were able to ensure the design was purpose-driven and functional for the growing needs of the business.”

Taking inspiration from the Pacific, it was critical that the Kerr design team crafted a distinctive and vibrant design that reflected the company’s heritage, culture and values.

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"Drawing on over 30 years of experience, the team quickly set to work to create an inspiring, motivating and productive environment.

Robert Cullum, managing director of Pacific Produce, said: “We’re thrilled with the work completed on our behalf by Kerr Office Group to create a new home for Pacific Produce.

“The result is a stunning space that reflects our company's vision and values, while fostering a positive and dynamic work environment for our employees.”

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