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The Business Magazine November 2023
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Former Surbiton waterworks could become park with underground employment space

14 November 2023
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The owners of the site of derelict Victorian waterworks next to the River Thames in Surbiton have launched a consultation over plans to transform it into a public park with underground employment space.

Cascina Limited says its vision for the ten acre space is to provide a "range of amenities and activities that cater to the needs of local residents and businesses, while enhancing the riverside character".

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On the website, the 'Surbiton Riverside' scheme outlines the site's history, which, it said, focused more on "meeting London’s economic needs" rather than the "importance of green space and the wider wellbeing of those communities".

Up until the early 90s, the Seething Wells filter beds in Surbiton were used to provide clean water to the capital before Thames Water decommissioned it.

The proposals for the sustainable park are reportedly at an early stage, with further details set to come forward later but it could include meadows, playgrounds, picnic areas and cycling tracks.

A spokesperson for Cascina reportedly said that the firm is carrying out the initial consultation to establish what residents want to see in the proposed park and whether a riverside park with underground employment space could be supported.

Members of the public must submit responses to the online survey by December 1 this year.

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