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Veloci-Tech accountants offering Business Support with a little magic and some big differences

11 October 2021
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An accountancy practice offering business support for their clients isn’t new, but rarely is it comprehensive or much more than extended financial evaluation. 

Veloci-Tech has been created by Danielle Cole, MD of Cole Accounting. Over the last 11 years, Danielle has experienced first-hand the challenges a business owner faces, including often feeling overwhelmed.

Working with external business consultant Paul Holmes , MD of PCH Business Consultants to overcome these challenges, has led to double revenue, generate significant profit, and reduced working days in the business. Now Danielle has teamed up with Paul and Gordon Petrie, MD of Indesosa, to create a true business support process for Veloci-tech’s clients.

The team have extensive experience in Corporate and SME Businesses across a wide range of sectors, as well as support from a full range of specialism experts. Together the team are able to offer advice and guidance, but also help cut through the chaos and actually get things done.

Are you a scaling businesses and growth driven organisation?

Many scaling business owners realise too late, that they have made themselves so pivotal to the running of the business, that it can’t run without them.  As they grow rapidly, they then become overwhelmed, make decisions which cost the business money, and then lack of cashflow often kills it.

The Veloci-tech approach is very different

Veloci-tech clients have an openness to look at their companies with the right mindset.  There isn’t a formal structure applied each time, every business support plan is bespoke in the initial evaluation stage and review. This is where the magic truly happens, where insights, experience and perspective allow a plan to be created. Working backwards from a goal, designing the business to run without the owner(s) operationally is the only way a business can be successful long term.

So often we hear comments like these:  “You stopped me in my tracks 4 or 5 times during the conversation, spotted things I hadn’t seen and woke me up to new ways of seeing my business”

“I was drowning in workload and didn’t believe anyone could help me. I have worked with business coaches before and it hasn’t helped, but I was persuaded to have an initial conversation with Veloci-tech and was blown away by how much they helped in just the first conversation and that was before I even agreed to sign up”

What to expect from Veloci-tech

Initial evaluation - a first meeting with the team for discussions, insights, and ideas around the business, which may involve a look at the financial position. This helps us decide if and how we can help you. You will come away asking different questions about your business and see there may be more happening than you realise.

Business Review -  3-4 hour session with the team, really getting under the skin of the business. Understanding you, the owner’s dreams and aspirations, planning financially, and discussing business goals moving forward.  Identifying what is really happening in the business, what are the challenges, the things to focus on and the things to stop doing or do differently, will form what happens next, leaving you with a clearer understanding of what success looks like for your business and that it is possible!

Bespoke plan, Implementation, and Accountability - The team will create a programme that balances the right input needed for your business, identify any external support needed and map out a prioritised series of action steps towards business success, with agreed goals and outcomes.  An accountability process then helps focus you only on the areas of the business that are critical.

Veloci-Tech team:  Pictured below from left to right: Danielle Cole, Gordon Petrie and Alex Kell

DanielleCole  Gordon Petri Veloci-techak

Are you ready to scale?

Contact the Veloci-Tech team on 01242 371317 or email [email protected]


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