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Graphene innovator Versarien launches futuristic 3D printed lifestyle pods

10 March 2022
The Business Magazine article image for: Graphene innovator Versarien launches futuristic 3D printed lifestyle pods

Versarien plc, the Forest of Dean-headquartered advanced engineering materials group, has launched a "Lifestyle Pod" to showcase its first 3D printed concrete product made with Cementene™, Versarien's graphene-enhanced cement. 

Known as Versarien "Lunar", this is a milestone project for a 3D-concrete printed product with a graphene additive. The versatile pods can be used as an office, studio, gym, or leisure room. The pod's wall design shows the level of detail, flexibility and precision that can be achieved with 3D-concrete printing.

While the pod building might be appropriate for wealthy western countries, Neill Ricketts, CEO of Versarien, said that the buildings, and the graphene-enhanced concrete out of which they are made, could be easily adapted to house refugees. "They take very little time to build, can be constructed on-site, and have excellent insulation properties," he said. "We have already been in touch with the government to see if they might be of interest."

VersarienThe launch of Lunar comes at a time where sustainability in construction has never been more under the spotlight.

The industry accounts for around eight per cent of global CO2 emissions and would be third for emissions in the world if it were a country, behind only the US and China. Since fewer materials are needed to achieve the same structural performance as ordinary concrete, incorporating graphene into concrete can enable faster completion of buildings, reducing costs and the carbon footprint. 

Neill Ricketts, CEO of Versarien, said: "This launch represents the first application of a technology that has the potential to change the way the world views construction. Lunar doesn't just provide convenience for homeowners but can also be used for on-site fast construction in commercial and emergency relief situations. Versarien is driving this innovation and we look forward to seeing the impact this technology can have in the world around us."

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