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Five ways to win the Sustainable Green Investment Award

Five ways to win the Sustainable Green Investment Award
5 July 2024

As sustainability becomes an ever more crucial focus for businesses across the country, the Sustainable Green Investment Award will return to the Hampshire Business Awards 2024

Sponsored by Barratt Homes, this award will be presented to the business that has best demonstrated a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. 

The winner will be a company that has demonstrated a positive impact on the environment, society, and the economy. 

But with companies from all sectors vying to make changes for the better in the areas of sustainability and environmental consciousness, how can you make sure that you’re giving yourself the best chance of being named a winner at this year’s event? 

Here are five things you should be focusing on when entering this category: 

Setting measurable goals for your business 

While we all want to make effective efforts towards a more sustainable future, a successful business can demonstrate how it has set measurable goals and is tracking its progress in achieving them. The ability to quantify your ESG efforts will ensure that you stick in the forefront of our independent judges’ minds. 

Inspire and engage your employees 

While large steps forward in sustainability may begin at the top, it’s important that you are engaging people across your entire business. We’re looking for a winner who is successfully engaging their employees in their efforts and inspiring them to create positive change. 

Contribute to your community 

The Sustainable Green Investment Award doesn’t just celebrate a business that is making significant internal improvements, it celebrates a business that is mindful of how its actions are impacting its surrounding community and the region as a whole. Get involved with social and economic development initiatives throughout Hampshire for the best chance of taking home the trophy. 

Demonstrate a long-term vision 

Our winner won’t just be the company that has demonstrated the most incredible results during the qualifying period. Our independent judges are looking for a winner with a clear plan for the future; the victor in this category will be the nominee who is best able to show that they are going to continue the trajectory they have started into becoming a more sustainable business. 

Spare no detail in your nomination form 

No matter how unbelievable your results have been, it will all be undermined if not included in your nomination form. Answer all the questions, attach any necessary documents or images and spare no detail. 

So, do you think you’ve got what it takes to bring home the Sustainable Green Investment Award? 

Nominations for the Hampshire Business Awards 2024 are open – now is the chance to seize this golden opportunity for you and your business. 

Head over to the event page now and enter for your chance to be crowned a winner at Hampshire’s leading business event. 

Entering the awards online is quick, easy and absolutely free. 

Thank you again to Barratt Homes for sponsoring this event. 

For more information, click here

For any enquiries, contact the events team.


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